Small studio, epic games.

hey you,

We are Studio Kit

Welcome to our game development studio, where we pour our hearts and souls into crafting unforgettable gaming experiences.

From development to playtesting, we approach every stage of the process with love and passion.


Meet Wee Tanks!

Prepare to wreak havoc on the battlefield with our adorable little tank in Wee Tanks! Take on hundreds of enemy tanks across various game modes and levels while showing off your tank-driving skills.

We’ve been working hard on this game since 2020, and it was finally ready to roll out in 2023 as our first-ever public project.


The Casse Hotel 

Welcome to The Casse Hotel, a horror game inspired by the movie Room 1408.

Get ready for an eerie experience as you spend the night in a strange country with unexplainable events happening all around you.

This unfinished project will leave you at the edge of your seat, but we can’t promise that it will ever see the light of day.

Meet the crew

Lead Developer


Hi there!

I’m a passionate creative who loves taking on new challenges. From video editing and 2D animations to web design and 3D modeling, I’m always up for a new project.

But my true passion lies in game development – creating my own games and contributing to team projects is where I really shine. So don’t be afraid to throw me your wildest ideas – I’m excited to bring them to life!

Discord Boss

Wee Bot

Hello I am Wee Bot, I help Lennard manage the Wee Tanks! discord server. 

I eat messages send in the wrong channels, besides that… man I just love cookies.

Got some for me?

Question? Answer.

What projects has Studio Kit worked on?

While Wee Tanks! is currently our only public project, we have big plans for the future! Our talented team is always hard at work brainstorming and developing new game concepts that we hope to bring to life in the coming months and years. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on our latest projects as they develop!

When was Studio Kit founded?

Studio Kit was founded in 2020.

Is Studio Kit looking for help?

Looking to be a part of an amazing team that’s passionate about creating incredible games? We’re currently seeking talented 3D model artists and UI/graphic designers to join our crew! But if you have skills that extend beyond these roles, we’d still love to hear from you. Whether you’re a content writer, SFX artist, or have other talents that could help us create amazing games, we’re always open to exploring new possibilities. So if you’re interested in joining our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Please note that we’re a growing studio and are currently unable to offer compensation for these positions. However, we’re committed to creating a supportive and inclusive team environment, and we believe that the experience gained from working on exciting projects with like-minded individuals is a reward in itself. As we grow and establish a stable income, compensation will become an option. We look forward to hearing from you!

How many persons does Studio Kit exists of?

There is one official team member and a robot assistant that work on Studio Kit projects.

However, we are grateful to have occasional contributors who lend their expertise and support on our Discord server.

Got any boring legal stuff?

Yes, we do. While we love exciting things, we also understand the importance of boring legal stuff. You can find our terms and conditions and privacy policy at the following links, which are valid for Studio Kit:

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